Prologue by Gregorios Stathis

Concerning Adaptation

Concerning Notation

Byzantine vs. Western Notation

About the Translation

The History of Byzantine Chant

Writing Byzantine Music

Epilogue by
  Photios Kontoglou

Guidelines for Greek Pronunciation

The Intervals of the Soft Chromatic Modal Genre

The Intonations of the Eight Modes



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St. Anthony's

Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom
St. Basil's Divine Liturgy
Liturgy of Presanctified Gifts
St. James' Liturgy
Menaion (Feast Days)
Triodion and Pentecostarion

his project was only made possible by the assistance of dozens of people: hieromonks; priests; monastics; Byzantine, Slavic, Russian, and Western musicologists; linguists; translators; Greek teachers; voice teachers; composers; chanters; choir directors; members of the National Forum of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians; iconographers; graphic designers; computer programmers; sound engineers; librarians; proofreaders; and professors of music, theology, English, and mathematics. We owe special thanks to Dr. Dimitri E. Conomos for writing the preface and correcting the inaccuracies in our introduction and appendices, and to Dr. Gregorios Stathis for writing the prologue. We would also like to thank ahead of time all who would like to point out to us the various mistakes we have made in this first music book of ours. We are deeply grateful for all their contributions and pray that our Lord Jesus Christ reward them for their efforts abundantly in this life and in the next.